How to Shower after you Spray Tan

When everyone is telling you how tanned and glowing you look, you’ll want to ensure you prolong your spray tan for as long as possible to keep that sun kissed look! There are some simple steps you can take to maximise your tan.

Hold up, wait a minute
Waiting the correct amount of time before showering will have a huge impact on the result of your tan. If you have been sprayed with the hourly tan then the longer you leave it until you shower the darker it will get, so please listen to the advice of your therapist otherwise your tan may come out darker than you wanted.If you shower too soon after being tanned there is a risk that the tan could come off or the end result could be streaky. So even though you may feel sticky please wait the correct time for the best result!

Ice Ice Baby
So I’m not saying you need to have an ice bath however try turning the temperature down on what your usual temperature would be. Hot showers create steam, steam will open you pores and can create an uneven tan. So, keep your first shower on the cooler side and let your tan settle in.

Pat Pat Pat
Pat don’t drag! Remember this rule when you get out of the shower.

Rather than dragging your towel down your fresh tan and causing unnecessary frictionwhich could rub parts of your tan off, leaving the overall look patchy.

P.S remember to use a dark towel after your shower!

Wash away your worries
You may notice some colour discoloration in the water during your first shower after your spray tan. There is no cause for concern, you can relax! This is simply a small amount of solution that will come off the surfaceof your skin and will have NO impact on the end result colour.

Follow these little shower steps to help lock in your Spray Tan


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